Guest services

Best seat in the house


For more than a decade Staxi has listened to the disability & stadium management communities and developed products that improve accessibility to stadiums, arenas and event management. Attention to the safety, comfort and concerns of the occupants and operators has powered Staxi’s success.


Today’s Staxi guest services chair offers no-compromise performance and any-situation versatility.

“The entire Staxi team is great. Always doing whatever is necessary to get the job done. Thank you all for your support.”

Jennifer Greenlief

Transport Manager/Surgical Attendant Facilitator, CAMC Memorial Hospital


Staxi enhances customer satisfaction with the best in dignified and comfortable transport

  • Base size fits up to 600 pounds
  • Smooth, jostle-free ride
  • Easy to enter and exit
  • Generous storage for personal items

Guest service team

Staxi allows your guest services team to focus on their top priority – facilitating positive interaction with the guests they serve

  • No-worry, never-fail handlebar braking
  • One-hand maneuverability
  • Elimination of trip hazard for occupant
  • Load balancing to eliminate strain
  • Easy to store & easy to locate
  • No removable parts to lose

Event management

Staxi delivers affordability and dependability while providing staff with the right tool for the job

  • A minimum of 10 years useful life
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Fewer wheelchair related accidents
  • Limited lifetime frame warranty
  • Attractive, space-saving storage


features-Aviation, guest services correctional facilities
features-Aviation, guest services correctional facilities

Never-fail brake


Easy exit and entry


Non-folding frame




Optimal weight distribution


Protected by antimicrobial Alphasan®


Easy to disinfect and clean

Equip your facility and assist your guest services team
with a friendly chair – advance to Staxi.

Guest services

600lbs capacity



800lbs capacity


Available colors 

◉  ◉  ◉ 

Custom colors upon request

“Everyone I spoke with was extremely knowledgeable, friendly making the process efficient and fast. I also need to say return email response time was typically within minutes of my email…that is not the true for the majority of our vendors. You have a wonderful team that truly seems to enjoy what they do and each other, that is rare. ”

Diane Spoone

Buyer, Carolinas Medical Repair

Guest Service Chair Specifications


With a 600lb weight capacity the Staxi Stadium & Arena Chair delivers safe, secure and quiet occupant transportation throughout the venue.
Width 27″
Length 28″
Back Height 22″
Max. Occupancy Weight 600lbs
Seat Width 20″
Seat to Floor
Weight 64lbs

Arm Rests

Steel oval tubing covered in a non-porous sleeve.


Formed oval tubing; durable robotic welding; mar-resistant paint.


2 1/8” (54mm) composite wheel. 8” (203mm) diameter. Non-marking.


Automatic; Fail Safe Ratchet.


“5” (127mm). Urethane. Sealed Bearing. Non-marring.


Steel. Nonremovable. Lifts for comfort.


PU Coated, Fire Retardant.

Available colors

◉  ◉  ◉  ◉ 

Custom colors upon request

“The new chairs are being used hourly and are loved by the staff.  Can’t tell you how many times I have been thanked for the Ranger chairs over the Max chairs we have.  We have a Bariatric Center but rarely need the larger Max chairs.  Great job to Staxi for developing the Ranger.  “

Gregory Miller

Emergency Medical Services Coordinator, HCA Florida Memorial Hospital

Ranger Chair Specifications


The Staxi Ranger chair delivers a sturdy, stable-not to mention comfortable-ride for both the occupant and the operator.

Width 31″
Length 33″
Back Height 23″
Max. Occupancy Weight 800lbs
Seat Width 24″
Seat to Floor
Weight 79lbs

Arm Rests

Steel oval tubing covered in a non-porous sleeve. Lift for easy transfer.


Formed oval tubing. Durable robotic welding. Mar-resistant paint.


2 1/8” (54mm) composite wheel. 8“ (203mm) diameter. Non-marking.


Automatic; Fail Safe Ratchet.


5” (127mm). Urethane. Sealed bearing. Non-marring.


Steel. Non-Removable. Lifts for comfort.


PU Coated, Fire Retardant.


Transport Chair Stands

Staxi is nestable, which means each individual chair nests snuggly and securely – making them simple to locate. In addition, we provide a range of stands and docking stations—all designed to enhance the efficiencies of each department, facility or location.

Docking Station

Docking station staxi mobility chairs

Chairs: Guest Services, Ranger

Staxi docking stations are an attractive, high-capacity storage solution for your transport chairs. Constructed of durable stainless steel and with integrated instructional signage, docking stations clearly identify where Staxi’s should be stored and have capacity limited only by the space that you have available.


Corral staxi mobility chairs

Chairs: Guest Services

Staxi’s sleek stainless steel construction means our corrals may be used wherever needed – indoors or out. Each corral holds 5 chairs (without side mounted O2 tank holders) and capacity may be extended by placing two corrals back-to-back. Add a security gate to lock the corral and secure chairs when they are not in use.

Mini Docking Station

Mini-docking staxi mobility chairs

Chairs: Guest Services, Ranger

When space is tight, the low-profile Mini Docking Station is the perfect solution. The wall-mounted unit features a narrow footprint and is perfect for lobbies, corridors, and hallways.