What more can we do to solve your wheelchair equipment challenges?

In answer, Staxi is proud to announce an industry leading rental & replacement program PLUS Antimicrobial AlphaSan® embedded in every surface of every wheelchair.


Why is Staxi the right wheelchair for your airline, now more than ever?



Fresh, well-maintained chairs that visually demonstrate your airline’s commitment to cleanliness.

  • ● Antimicrobial AlphaSan® throughout every surface
  • ● New chairs maintained to peak standards
  • ● Comfortable, smooth rides
  • ● Dignified seating up to 600 pounds



No-compromise quality, safety, and ease of operation are hallmarks of the Staxi brand.

  • ● Assured stability via never fail braking
  • ● Space-saving nested storage
  • ● Quick & easy to clean/disinfect
  • ● Guaranteed versatility & durability



Staxi’s rental & replacement program gives you the best equipment at the best price with the best maintenance.

  • ● Zero capital outlay
  • ● Flexibility to grow as you go
  • ● New chairs every 3 years
  • ● Trusted cleanliness from Antimicrobial AlphaSan®

For over a decade, we’ve been the go-to wheelchair for airlines across the globe. Listen to what happy customers have to say:


“I am delighted with the service that's been offered to us by Staxi and Ron Howard - for our new start-up they have been efficient and supportive ensuring everything's in place for our launch date.”

“The Staxi wheelchair has been a super addition to our operation. It is very safe and reliable . . . Staxi has been awesome to work with and... has bent over backwards to make us happy. Give them call. ”

“We are in love with the Staxi wheelchairs. They are convenient in many ways. Not bulky and easy to store and use, people seem to love the smooth ride. ”

“We have been using staxi chairs for 10 years now. Have never had a problem. they are always in service. Love our Staxi chairs. Also love the prompt reply to any concerns.”

“The Staxi chairs have many advantages. They are built sturdier, so they don't fall apart quickly. This is particularly true with heavier people. The pieces are all there and you can store them easily. Easy to clean. And because of their build you cannot easily remove one from the building.”

“We love it because it is so easy to steer and the hand break is so much better than trying to set the breaks on a regular wheelchair. The Staxi rolls so much more smoothly than the wheelchairs we have. ”

To discuss what Staxi can do for your airline, contact Ron Howard.

  US Phone 404-452-3017

Email: ronh@staxi.com

We are ready with the wheelchair options you need to win customers back to the sky: controlled expenses, reduced capital outlay, and enhanced cleanliness.

Your airline deserves the best in passenger mobility assistance.

Get in touch with Ron today.