We’re in business to move people forward.

“We work to deliver truly innovative products that work today and tomorrow, making the lives of our customers easier and safer.”

Andy Hart


This sentiment gets at the heart of our mission—always deliver quality, value and innovation in both product and service. We want to be a company that is always easy to do business with and that keeps its promises; towards adding real value to those who buy or use our products.

Designed by a father.

Our founder, Andy Hart is driven by personal experience and his desire to succeed in helping those who require products that actually meet their needs and surpass their expectations. That mindset is poured into every Staxi product.

“We are a family”

Ask anyone on our team and they will tell you; at Staxi, we are a family. It doesn’t matter who they are; Account Manager, Customer Service Advisor, a member of our warehouse staff or leadership team; every person is committed to the company’s values and the pursuit of moving Everyone forward.


forward or onward movement toward a destination

You may have noticed our tagline, Everyone forward, on our website, throughout our marketing materials, or even on an advertisement in your local airport.

This statement marks our determination to continue to rise to new levels of quality for the people that sit in our transport chairs, and our customers who purchase and provide them to those who need them most.


isn’t a cute word

Our transport chairs are meant to move people who are distance-challenged, sometimes getting them from a nervous waiting room to an important procedure. We take this responsibility very seriously, so when we say quality, we are not in it for the feel good, advertising buzzword. We aggressively pursue quality in all that we do because those sitting in our transport chairs should expect nothing less.