MR Conditional

Staxi-MR Transport chair meets the acceptance criteria for MR Conditional to an MRI system having a magnetic field strength of up to 3.0 T and a magnetic field gradient of 3K Gauss/cm.

Staxi-MR All the features that make Staxi the best, now available for your MRI suite.

  • No-worry, never-fail handlebar braking
  • One-hand maneuverability
  • Elimination of trip hazard for occupant
  • Load balancing to eliminate strain
  • Stable platform – concentrate on the patient not the chair
  • Quick & easy to clean/disinfect
  • No removable parts to lose
  • Compatible nesting with the Staxi Ranger
“The Staff are loving the MRI chair! All our chairs are doing great! No other wheelchair could even come close to Staxi in our opinion!”
Lesley Estes

Director of Clinical Support, The Radiology Clinic