All plastic and painted surfaces are protected for life by embedded antimicrobial AlphaSan®

AlphaSan® is a Ziconium/phosphate-based ceramic resin which contains silver. Stable even at high temperature – AlphaSan® is a key component within the Staxi paint process – delivering exceptional antimicrobial performance which is unrivaled within patient transportation equipment.

Why do you need an antimicrobial?

Microorganisms, also known as microbes or germs, are living cells so small that most can be seen only with a microscope. Microbes include bacteria, fungi and algae, and are found everywhere on earth. While the majority of microbes do not interfere with human activities, in some situations microbes can cause a variety of problems. Growth of microbes on materials such as textiles and plastics can lead to foul odors, discoloration and formation of biofilm (i.e.
Mildew, slime). In some cases, the attached microbes even degrade or corrode the maledal.

Cleaning and washing materials such as plastics and textiles with hot water and detergents is one of the best ways to remove and kill attached microbes. However, cleaning procedures can be costly and time consuming, and do not offer residual protection against fresh contamination. Use of a dependable, durable and safe antimicrobial is the best way to provide residual protection against microbial contamination as a supplement to proper hygiene practices. By offering our customers the added protection against microbial contamination provided by AlphaSan technology, additional value is created for your product.