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According to a recent 2017 study, approximately 100,000 wheelchair injuries were treated in emergency departments in the US alone!  And this figure does not include accidents actually at the facility.

Across all age groups, tips and falls – especially getting in and out of the chair are the most common causes of injury. In detail this can be broken down by the following causes:

  • Unlocked or failed brakes
  • Over reaching
  • Sliding off or out of the chair
  • Unassisted transfers
  • And Poor fit

And importantly, in many cases, not fitting in the chair and leaning forward or back causes the chair to tip – many users fail to exit safely and when you add brake failure of forgetting to lock them, well it’s an accident waiting to happen.

The staxi medical chair is specifically designed to enable safe and secure mobility, throughout the facility – for both patient and attendant.

The staxi also features a built-in anti-tip design and has an impressive 600 lb. weight capacity.

All staxi’s feature the revolutionary and unique “fail-safe braking system” – the chair will only move when the brake is engaged by the attendant, making it inherently safe and eliminating brake failure or failure to deploy – now that’s safe and secure!

The steel armrest which incorporates a non-porous anti-microbial sleeve lifts for easy – side entry and exit. The patient enters from the side and once in the chair, the occupant assumes a safe and comfortable position. This enables safe and stress-less exit and entry.

The innovative design and highest quality manufacture guarantees reliability and ensures a quieter, safer ride. With staxi there’s no noise, no rattle – just a smooth safe roll!

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*Source: Maggiano, DiGirolamo & Lizzi P.C Wheelchair Accidents & Injuries