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Andy is the founder and CEO of Staxi Corporation. Andy was educated in England and in his post high school technical education he won many National and International honors. In his travels, life has offered Andy many opportunities and challenges, which he readily accepted and ran with. Andy is a born leader, entrepreneur, engineer, innovator and inventor. Andy lost his wife, very young to cancer, and some years later he met Yanzi. They are now happily married. Andy is all about his family (who he protects like a bear!), and after a serious accident that left his oldest son wheelchair bound, he became driven to create product that is truly innovative and helps challenged people, when and where they need it most – Staxi is the result. Andy, when younger, was a very active sportsman – Judo champion, rugby player, scuba instructor and has been known to wrestle the odd bear or two! Andy now loves to fish, travel and go on nature walks.