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Designed from conception to be safe, secure, reliable and user friendly, the stackable (space-saving and easy to find), non-folding staxi® features the revolutionary “fail-safe braking system”, staxi® will only move after the brake bar is squeezed releasing the brake! With the fail-safe brake always on there are no concerns that the attendant may forget to apply the brakes during transfers, or when the chair is occupied and stationary.

“With the brake always on and the armrest raised, the occupant can safely enter from the side and once in the bucket style seat, the occupant is in a secure and comfortable position.”

staxi® is ergonomically balanced in the weight distribution between the rear wheels and front casters. Regular wheelchairs typically have a weight ratio of 1 to 1, which puts too much weight on the front casters, causing them to squirm and this makes the chair harder to push, wheelchairs are also inherently “tippy”. staxi® chair’s weight ratio is 2 times the weight on the rear wheels to 1 on the front casters, and this weight distribution makes it much more maneuverable and requires significantly less effort to push.

The height of the push bar is designed to afford the attendant a comfortable and effective height to propel the staxi®, with reduced effort and less stress on the attendant.  This, together with the fail-safe braking system, makes staxi® user friendly and safer to use. Staxi’s innovative design and high-quality manufacture guarantees reliability and ensures a quieter, safer ride, with no noise, no rattles, just a smooth safe roll!