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Staxi recommends that all chairs and accessories are cleaned regularly

You can clean your Staxi chairs with any regular detergents and disinfectants including bleach. Also, peroxide may be used in 3% solution—this includes the cushion and armrest.

All standard facility cleaning brands such as Cavicide, etc. are perfectly safe to use on your Staxi and its accessories.

For additional cleaning of your Staxi cushion, armrest as well as high-contact areas you should wipe carefully using a cloth dampened with your facility-standard disinfectant, ensuring all areas are covered thoroughly. Disinfectant wipes, such as SaniWipes, are also just as effective. 

Your Staxi chair frame can be cleaned using the same method as above or a jet/power wash can be used once the cushion is removed.

We never recommend that you use abrasive agents on Staxi as they can damage the finish of the chair and accessories.