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With a 600 lb weight capacity the Staxi Stadium & Arena Chair delivers safe, secure and quiet occupant transportation throughout the venue.

  • Fail-safe braking system
  • Non-folding frame
  • Stackable
  • Lifting armrest
  • Anti-microbial cushions
  • Footrest
  • Castors
  • Anti-tip
  • Courtesy rack
  • Luggage area
  • Turns within its own circumference
  • Security flag pole
  • Option of standard or comfort cushions
  • Cushion Security Clip
  • Retractable seat belt
  • Custom name plates
  • Rivet Gun
  • Maintenance Toolkit
  • U-shaped stainless steel stand with a high flag
  • U-shaped stainless steel stand with a high flag and security gate
  • Docking station
  • Mini docking station
  • Outdoor shelter (6 chair)
  • Outdoor shelter (12 chair)
  • Operational instruction sign
  • Coin return mechanism
  • Master key
  • 6-chair moving strap
  • Wall plate and coin lock chain
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Diamond Black
  • Custom colors quote available on request (min 50 chair quantity)

Explore Our Design

Staxi redefines the design of safe and secure occupant transportation.

The stack-able (space-saving and easy to find), non-folding Staxi Airport chair features the revolutionary “fail-safe braking system” – Staxi will only move when the brake is engaged! Designed from conception to be safe and secure! The patient can easily enter from the side and once in the chair the occupant assumes a safe and comfortable position. The height of the back of the chair is also designed to afford the attendant a comfortable position to engage the chair without stopping (reduced stress and back pain). The staxi® chair’s weight ratio is 2 times the weight on the rear wheels to 1 on the front casters, this weight distribution makes staxi® much more maneuverable and requiring a lot less effort to push.

The Staxi Stadium Chair – The Staxi Stadium chair – Efficient, dignified Occupant transportation with a proven ROI!

Staxi Stadium & Arena Chair

Take a Closer Look

Our chairs are much more than wheels to get you moving. Explore the specs and find out for yourself.

We LOVE our Staxi chairs! Thank you again!



John James
Director, Mobility Services
Fort Lauderdale Airport

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