Staxi Chair

Trousdale Medical Center

Hartsville, Tennessee

Trousdale Medical Center is a 25-bed critical access hospital offering an extensive range of in-patient, outpatient and emergency services for adults and children.

They work hard to make their patients, and their patients’ families, to feel confident in the staff’s ability to provide professional care, while assuring that their rights as individuals are respected. From the 24-hour emergency room to the state-of-the-art laboratory, x-ray, CT Scan and rehabilitation services, the hospital delivers emergency and routine medical care by highly trained physicians, nurses and allied health professionals using the latest technology.

A staff member at Trousdale took a moment to tell us about some of their favorite features on the Staxi Medical Chair:

About Staxi’s Fail-Safe Braking System:

“We love it because it is so easy to steer and the hand brake is so much better than trying to set the brake on a regular wheelchair.”

Other departments come to borrow ours because they like it so well.

About the Staxi Medical Chair’s unique weight distribution, making it tip-resistent and exceptionally easy to turn:

“Our hospital is an older one and some areas are hard to get in and out of but with the Staxi it turns so easily that we can maneuver around almost any corner. The Staxi rolls so much more smoothly than the wheel chairs we have.”

About the Staxi Medical Chair’s comfortable cushions, and the support provided by our auto-grade steel frame:

“The patients brag about how much better it feels and how comfortable it is compared to the regular wheel chairs.”

About the unfortunate envy that will creep up when you purchase a fleet of the Staxi Transport Chairs:

“Other departments come to borrow ours because they like it so well.”

Don’t just take their word for it. Check out our line of chairs at and schedule a test drive to experience our Staxi Medical Chair for yourself at