Sentara Norfolk General Hospital

Sentara Norfolk General Hospital

Norfolk, Virginia

As the region’s first Magnet Hospital, Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, a 525-bed tertiary care facility, is home to the area’s only Level I Trauma Center, burn trauma unit and nationally ranked heart program at Sentara Heart Hospital. In addition to a first rate heart program, the hospital is home to Nightingale Regional Air Ambulance and several dedicated facilities and specialized services.

About Sentara Norfolk General’s love for Staxi transport chairs:

“This chair is terrific and my team is very appreciative of what it can do.”

How Sentara Norfolk General uses the unique qualities of the transport chair in their diagnostic centers:

“Even though it was designed to transport patients, it is also a Radiologic Technologists best friend. The Staxi wheelchair is one of the best tools I have been able to provide for my staff at the Diagnostic Centers. It has always been a struggle to position patients who are unsteady or a little large when using a basic stool or some sort of task chair for upright imaging. In these cases, the patient has to be moved to obtain the image.”

This chair is terrific and my team is very appreciative of what it can do.

“Many of our patients are elderly or have health conditions making them a potential fall risk if placed on a small stool or task chair. In these instances, another individual or technologist must stand out in the room with the patient causing them to be radiated as well. The Staxi chair provides a safe chair for our unsteady patients, keeping them from a potential fall off a stool or out of a chair that may roll out from under them.”

“Once the patient is seated in the Staxi chair, the technologist can easily manipulate the chair at the upright board since it has a small turning radius along with the ability to make minor adjustments with the chair versus a technologist trying to move the patient on a smaller stool / chair. These small adjustments using the chair save the technologist time in positioning to obtain optimum imaging. With the adjustments completed, the technologist can lock the wheels so the patient does not need to worry about a potential fall. It also means less exposure to the others who may have stood in the room to reassure the patient and keep them from a potential fall.”

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