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Progress Through Innovation

From conception nearly two decades ago, Staxi has risen to create new levels of quality in both products and service.


Our goal is to project a customer-focused and “people & family” orientated company that delivers quality and innovative products mirrored by internal and external excellence.

Mission Statement

To always deliver quality, value and innovation in both product and service. A company that is always easy to do business with and that keeps its promises. To add real value to those who buy or use our products.

Welcome to Staxi: our goal is Progress through innovation, but our intention is always to treat you just like one of the family.

“We will deliver truly innovative product that works today and tomorrow, making the lives of our customers and the occupant easier and safer”

Andy Hart (Founder & CEO)


Founded by Andy Hart some 20 years ago in response to family adversity, Staxi’s story starts with the wish to provide the right product for both customer and occupant. Already a successful Businessman, Andy could not find suitable, safe product to carefully and efficiently transport patients and passengers through the facility – Staxi was born – The rest is history!

But it’s more than that, we created something special. The story of Staxi is the story of family. Family simply runs through our DNA and we’re still wholly family owned. To this day the Hart family pay a pivitol role in the running and development of the company.   

Furthermore, once you join Staxi you become part of that family – it sounds cliché but it really is true! And importantly, once you become a customer that family ethos applies to you – some would call it “the personal touch”, big Corporations would say it’s first class customer service – We just call it The Staxi way!


Staxi is now well established as the choice for patient or passenger transportation. Whether it’s within the hospital, airport, stadium or mall – Staxi works within all market sectors. Moreover, we’re now Worldwide – from Singapore to Sacramento and countless points in-between, Staxis proven technology, quality build are complimented by our customer satisfaction and retention.   

Our Team

Our team is comprised of highly talented individuals. We pride ourselves on nourishing a family-style environment where it’s not just all about work, it’s about family—the Staxi Family.

Andy Hart @ Staxi

Andy Hart


Yanzi Hart


Ron Howard @ Staxi

Ron Howard

Executive Vice President

Melanie Tomlinson

Melanie Tomlinson

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

David Gallant @ Staxi

David Gallant

Marketing Manager

Airport Sales

David Martin

Commercial Sales Manager

Medical Sales
Lori Studley @ Staxi

Lori Studley

Sales Manager

Jennifer Di Fabio

C Suite Sales

Susan Bernardi @ Staxi

Susan Bernardi

Account Manager

Lisa Bollinger @ Staxi

Lisa Bollinger

Account Manager

Wanda Hayden @ Staxi

Wanda Hayden

Account Manager

Curt Hoagland @ Staxi

Curt Hoagland

Account Manager

Troy Lombard @ Staxi

Troy Lombard

Account Manager

Tiffany Mittelman @ Staxi

Tiffany Mittelman

Account Manager

Jasmeen Grewal Headshot

Jasmeen Grewal

Order Desk

Aeron Mendez Headshot

Aeron Mendez

Customer Sales Representative

Image of Jennifer Rands at Staxi

Jennifer Rands

Customer Sales Representative

Customer Service
Helen Ford @ Staxi

Helen Ford

Senior Manager, Customer Service & Logistics

Rebecca Tomkinson @ Staxi

Rebecca Tomkinson

Customer Service and Training Manager

Nicole Randell @ Staxi

Nicole Randell

Parts Sales & Customer Service Assistant

Rose Marie Murphy Headshot

Rose Marie Murphy

Logistics & Deliveries Manager

Joanne Colavecchia Headshot

Joanne Colavecchia

Logistics Support

Carolyn Cox @ Staxi

Carolyn Cox

Customer Service Advisor

Information Technology

Rodney Fowler

Senior Manager, IT Strategy & Analytics

Wanda Dillon

Database & Special Project Administrator

Nikki Benoit @ Staxi

Nikki Benoit

Administrative Support Specialist

Nick Howard From Staxi

Nick Howard

Warehouse Manager

Kristen Johnston @ Staxi

Kristen Johnston

Credit Manager

Lucy Lewis @ Staxi

Lucy Lewis

Accounting, Payroll & Tax Administrator

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