Much better chair than a regular wheelchair!

Our staff love staxi® chairs- a much better chair than a regular wheelchair.

Sean Hicks- VCU Health System, VA

Truly see a difference from having staxi® in our facility!

We love our staxi® chairs! I first discovered the staxi® chairs a few years ago and we were looking to improve our patient transport. We invested in staxi® chairs, and our volunteer couriers were not overly thrilled with this change at first - but once they realized how easy it was to push the staxi® chair and how much easier it was for patients to get in and out of the chair, it didn’t take them long and now they all love the staxi® chairs. They look so much better than a traditional wheelchair and take up so much less room. One other thing that is so great about staxi® – how little maintenance is needed – we not only still have our chairs from 2008, still in very good condition but in all these years, have needed very few & minor repairs! Other departments liked the staxi® so much they kept “borrowing” ours, and now our ER department has purchased their own in red. I can truly see a difference from having staxi® in our facility!

Mary Ann Sullivan - Inspira Medical Center, Woodbury, NJ

Patients come in asking for staxi®

Our patients come in- asking for a staxi®! We love staxi® chairs!

Janet Reynolds- Ball Memorial, IL

Volunteers say thanks!

The volunteers love their chairs. Thanks!

Sheree Meadows- Carolina’s Hospital System, SC

Great experience!

What a great one stop shopping experience!

Ginny Waff- Vidant Health

staxi® is a unique design and made to stand out in a crowd

"I had been here about nine years before we discovered staxi® -- and we were constantly replacing chairs and parts--or sending emails for return of chairs to the front desk. No longer--with our staxi® fleet! staxi® is a unique design and made to stand out in a crowd. They are amazing transport chairs! They are the only transport chairs used at the front desk and meet all our needs.

Our staxi® chairs have held up unbelievably- they have been in use for almost 13 years."

Gayle Rose, Salina Regional Health

staxi® chairs are compact but allow for a large weight load!

“The staxi® chair is the most efficient way to transport a patient. They are compact but allow for a large weight load. My department has lost many standard wheelchairs to theft, with the staxi® chair we have no problems with the chair "walking away".

The Patriot chair shows our pride, our belief in the product and our desire to provide the best care possible for our patients.”

Autumn Jackson, Memorial Medical Center, Modesto, CA

Provide mobility-challenged people and their caregivers with a simple and safe way to move around large facilities

staxi® chairs provide mobility-challenged people and their caregivers with a simple and safe way to move around large facilities. And, it does so without the usual administrative headaches. As the original innovators of staxi® chairs, we’ve seen it evolve from a prototype to a mature system. It is as practical for people to use and as it is for facilities to offer. Our facility has 120 staxi® chairs and 11 staxi® locations that provide temporary transportation to people with a range of mobility issues. They are available 24/7 at every entrance...They make the hospital friendlier and easier for people to access.

Dr. Geoff Fernie, PhD, PEng, Professor and Dir. Centre for Studies in Aging, Sunnybrook & Women’s College Health Sciences Centr

Big fan!

“I actually am a big fan of the chairs. I worked at Washoe Medical Center in Reno, NV. and heard about the staxi® chairs, circa 2000 at the National Association of Healthcare Transport Mangers convention. I purchased several of the chairs for Washoe Med, and they DID solve all my theft, breakage, storage problems. They are still in use today. In fact you may use my testimonial in any of your literature. I am with Crothall Health Services Group now and am pushing to have the chairs here at Good Samaritan as well as other sites throughout the world.”

Dr. Bob Summers, Director, Patient Transport, Good Samaritan Bon Secours, Suffern, NY

Easy for volunteers to handle

“I love the chairs. Holding up wonderfully, and easy for volunteers to handle.”

Carol Barnes, Director Volunteers, TWIGS, Events, Licking Memorial Hospital, Newark, OH

Makes my job easier!

"The staxi® System makes my job easier. It's a low-maintenance product - a little oiling and light cleaning every few months will keep them running for years."

Mr. Ross Gussen, Maintenance, Royal Columbian Hospital, New Westminster, BC

Light and easy to direct

"Everyone really likes them. staxi® is easy to push. I like the brake - it comes on easy. The patient won't roll away if you are going down a slope. They're light and easy to direct."

Freda Cooper, Office Manager of Volunteer Guest Relations (staff) Baptist Hospital, Nashville, TN

Great follow up service!

”Thank you very much for your quick response and willingness to provide this follow up service which is precisely one of the reasons we will continue to purchase staxi® units that so far we have been very happy with.”

A Frank, Hedrick Medical Center

Transport our patients with ease!

“Our concierge’s love the staxi® – they transport our patients with ease! THANKS!”

Colette Barth, Volunteer Coordinator

No more searching for wheelchairs!

“I used to spend time each day searching for a wheelchair. Since we’ve purchased your staxi® chairs two years ago, we haven’t looked for a wheelchair since!”

Victoria Heidelman, St. Josephs’s Hospital, CA

Love the chairs!

“We really love the chairs.”

Joyce Molgaard, Supervisor Cardiopulmonary, St. Francis Hospital

We have not lost one!

“I did think it was important to know that since we purchased the staxi® wheelchairs, we have not lost one. We were having some problems with the traditional wheelchairs going home with patients in the trunk of their cars. The staxi® chair will not fold to fit in the trunk, thus helps to prevent theft.”

Lisa Bertram, Sutter Health

No more lost chairs!

“Yes, you can share my contact information. We love the chairs!! I have not lost one chair since we got them. Before, I had staff that would have to walk hallways looking for "lost" chairs.”

Nancy Blade

A true asset to our Surgery and Urology clinics

"The staxi® transport chairs are great. They have been a true asset to our Surgery and Urology clinics, and I've heard only good things around the facility pertaining to the chairs. “...The savings were astronomical and the service we received working with you directly has been pleasurable. Thank you!"

Renee Daniels, Service Coordinator, Surgery, Neurology, Urology, Kaiser Permanente, Oakland

I don’t know how we would have managed

Dear Sir: I want to let you know how much my family appreciates the staxi® chairs you provide. My sister Mary was a patient and our 80-year-old mother, who visited her everyday, has a problem walking. Each morning, I’d get a staxi® chair for her at the ER entrance and then park the car. I’d push her from the ER to Mary’s room and to and from the cafeteria and back to the ER door each night. Without staxi® chairs I don’t know how we would have managed. Please accept our thanks for helping us handle this problem.

*Adapted to protect patient’s identity

*Visitor, Central Baptist Hospital, Lexington, KY.

Delighted with its comfort and adaptability!

We love our staxi®chairs. Actually, when staff can choose between a staxi® chair or another type of wheelchair, they choose staxi® chairs every time. Staff and volunteers continue to comment on the sturdy construction; patients are delighted with its comfort and adaptability for all body types/sizes. At one point, we were discussing a wheelchair management program when one of our nurses said: “well I’m not interested unless we can keep our stackable staxi® chairs.”

Betty Greer, Director of Volunteer Services, Rex Healthcare

staxi® chairs are sturdy and last for years!

Wheelchairs go missing, but staxi® chairs stay on-site. They are ready and available for visitors and patients...staxi® chairs are sturdy and last for years - We’ve had 45 chairs for more than four years and there are only three missing in action. (Probably tucked away somewhere in this facility). We love our chairs and we will order more.

Shirley Holdber, Dir. of Patient Relations, Piedmont Hospital

These chairs are an important investment

Not only will these chairs help us reduce the monetary loss associated with theft...these chairs are an important investment in enhancing the care we provide. We want to make sure our patients and visitors can get around our hospitals with as little difficulty as possible. Many of them don’t need wheelchairs but do need some assistance moving around within the hospital. The staxi® chairs are a great [wheelchair] alternative.

Paul Faguy, VP of HR & Hospital Services, Hamilton Health Sciences Centre

Really like that they don’t fold up

We love them...we really like that they don’t fold up and that patients can’t push themselves either. It’s like cars, they steal the easy ones first.

Janice Saunders, Registered Nurse, St. Paul’s Hospital

Very professional and helpful!

I want to take this opportunity to say that...everyone I spoke to within your organization has been very professional and helpful. That is refreshing these days. I will definitely recommend your company to my colleagues.

Candy Parsons, Volunteer Services Coordinator, Kino Community Hospital

They're easy maintenance and prevent theft!

We like them because people can’t take them away from the hospital and put them in their cars...and they’re easy maintenance. On the old wheelchairs, people were taking the legs and the footrests off - that was a problem.

Linda Black, Volunteer, Scotland Memorial Hospital

No theft!

“The staxi® are working better than expected... We still have all 50 (no theft) which is wonderful. We might need more staxi® when we break ground for our new tower...”

Bob Summers, Washoe Medical Center, Reno, NV

The hit of the hospital!

“Yes, absolutely! We ADORE our staxi® chairs! I knew once we got some here they’d be the hit of the hospital. we use them in admitting, emergency and on the floors. Still have some old-style, steal- me chairs, but the staxi® chairs have wow-ed us since day one!”

Jacque Fowler, A large East Texas Healthcare System

Unbeatable ROI

“Unbeatable ROI. Sunnybrook and Women’s College Health Sciences Centre has used staxi® chairs since 1994. We have 200 chairs, and some are originals. To maintain the chairs, we invested less than $500 in them since they were purchased. It is a great service for patients and visitors and we recommend health care facilities have the same service available for their customers.”

Solomon Ayeneababa, Manager, Parking and Transportation Services, Sunnybrook and Women's College Health Sciences Centre

Super addition to the operation!

“The staxi® wheelchair has been a super addition to the Atlanta [Delta] operation. It is very safe and reliable . . . staxi® has been awesome to work with and... has bent over backwards to make us happy. Give them call.”

SuEllen Romero, Coordinator - Outside Services - Delta Airlines - Atlanta Operation

“My husband is currently undergoing radiation treatment and had just been discharged from the hospital the day before his treatment began. We needed a wheelchair to get from the car to the office and we were so pleased to see the staxi® stand in the parking garage. It is unbelievably easy to use and maneuver. Thank you for such a great product. It has made our appointments less stressful.”

Mrs. Roman, Patient at Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles CA - Sunset

Virtually theft-proof

“...we lose approximately 80 wheel chairs a year due to theft. The nice thing about these chairs, he explains, is that they’re virtually theft-proof for a number of reasons...”

Richard Rodriguez, Patient Ambassador, Exempla Saint Joseph Hospital (ESJH)

Save the facility over $107,000 annually!

“...we determined that using staxi® chairs in place of wheelchairs could save the facility over $107,000 annually...”

Lt. Col Alexander Gardner III, Chief Logistics, Eisenhower Army Medical Center, Fort Gordon, GA, 47 STAXIs

Decreased our equipment loss dramatically

I have had staxi® chairs in my facility at UNC Hospitals for 2 years. We have received great feedback from nursing and from our ergonomic departments. We also have decreased our equipment lost dramatically. We currently have a 50/50 breakdown. The chairs are functional, efficient and aesthetically pleasing when stored in our front lobby.
Oct. 2007

Melvin Dockery, Service Response Center, UNC Hospital

We plan to order more

I can testify to how wonderful these chairs are. Our Auxiliary purchased 6 as an experiment for our Admitting Department. We were skeptical at first, however we learned to LOVE them. We plan to order more.

Vesta Smith, Mgr., Volunteer Services, Legacy Emanuel Hospital & Health System

Helps manage the issues

I believe in the chair as an alternative to the wheelchair. It certainly helps manage the issues we have with theft.

Dan Greene, Senior Buyer/Contract Administrator, St. Joseph’s Health Centre

Patients and families took to these devices immediately

“Getting the right products at the best price that really work is our goal and I think there will be a mix of staxi® and wheelchairs in our facility. We will standardize to one manufacturer over time and it will benefit all parties. Plus patients and families took to these devices immediately and feedback has been positive from staff and customers. What more could you ask for?...You get what you pay for and a group buy of wheelchairs at a hugely discounted price may look good in the short term but can be a waste of operational or capital dollars if the entire value equation is not studied.”

John Morkavich, Director Materials, Management, Saint Anthony’s Medical

Your whole company is this easy to work

“Awesome! Awesome! I don’t know if your whole company is this easy to work with or if it is just you, but you have been incredibly efficient and effective. Thank you so much!”

Anna, University of Missouri - Columbia

The nicest I have ever worked with!

“Hey Girls The skid left the building today. Thank You so much for your help.

You were very nice to work with the nicest I have ever worked with!! awesome to work with.”

Lou Ann

Customer-focused companies like yours

”Yup. I am impressed with how quick you guys respond – especially on New Year’s eve. We need more customer-focused companies like yours.”

Jon Cohen

Your company certainly has gone above and beyond

“I appreciate so much the phone call today...Your company certainly has gone above and beyond to provide us with a quality cushion and an outstanding wheelchair. It is so difficult in this day and age to find a company that provides the outstanding customer service that you have provided to us over the years.

Please extend our gratitude to the CEO of your company. If at any time you need a recommendation for the

staxi® wheelchairs, I would be glad to have you use me as a reference! Happy New Year and thank you again for your generosity!”

Cindy Fox, CAVS, Director of Volunteer Services, Maury Regional Medical Center

They are perfect!!

“WONDERFUL!!! I see Kelly Frizzell, nurse manager of Labor and Delivery got 6 pink chairs!! I recommended that she get them and they are perfect!!! I also recommended some bariatric chairs be ordered for our entrances!!! Low and behold they are here now. After all of these years, our execs see the value of these great wheelchairs. Staff Love them, visitors love them, maintenance staff love them!! So in answer to your question, " we are Rocking and Rolling at Riverside" with our staxi® !!!”


A small idea was made into a great one!

Can’t wait to get our pink ones in to our Birthing Center.

I wanted to thank your company for our Dignity Wheelchairs; it’s exciting that a small idea was made into a great one. Thanks again for all that you do….

Next week is transportation week and I will be using our new wheelchairs for demonstrations to Visitors and staff.

Thanks again.

E.O., Supervisor, Transportation Services

Quick response and willingness to provide

Thank you very much for your quick response and willingness to provide this follow up service which is precisely one of the reasons we will continue to purchase staxi® units that so far we have been very happy with.

Make it a great day!

A. F. H., Director of Ancillary Services (Dual Role)

So impressed with your customer service

That looks great. Again thank you so much for your help! I have to say I was so impressed with your customer service!  I don’t say that very often.

S.K., Western Facility

Continue to sing your praises!

I really appreciate all of your help.  I have given staxi® information to a sister hospital and our out-patient clinic and they are ordering chairs.

I will continue to sing your praises; your customer service is phenomenal!


By far has been the smoothest order approved

Thank you All! This by far has been the smoothest order approved, and processed. We are excited and can't wait for our staxi® to be on both unit's.

May you all have a great holiday and an amazing start to the New Year!

Consuelo P.

High level of material condition and readiness

Thanks for the usual outstanding help.  Another example of why our relationship with staxi® is strong. The support we get for parts and warranty lets us keep our fleet of 90 chairs in a high level of material condition and readiness.

J.K., Lifeline Specialist, WMC

Love dealing with staxi®!

Perfect!  Nicole, thank you for all your help with this.  It’s why I love dealing with staxi®!

Sheri V. VA Medical Center

staxi® known for going the extra mile

The cushions arrived yesterday after I left. Thanks again for going the extra mile. staxi® is deservedly known for that.





Thoroughly Delighted

We are thoroughly delighted with our staxi® chairs and appreciate the great customer service you have shown us!!!

Janice Davey

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