Non Folding Hospital Wheelchairs

One of the unique aspects of the staxi® chair is that it has a revolutionary and non-folding design. There are many reasons why the staxi® chair has this particular feature, one of the main ones being to reduce theft.

In hospitals, shopping centres and other public areas, stealing wheelchairs is often a common problem. Because wheelchairs can easily be folded, a thief can quickly fold the chair down and place it into the boot of their vehicle. This causes expense, inconvenience and hassle to many institutions that rely on wheelchairs for the safe transportation of people.

The staxi® chair is different. Its non-folding design means that the chair cannot easily be transported out of sight and its stackable nature means that the chairs are usually stored together in a secure location, away from thieves.

Traditionally, a wheelchair would be folded down to save space. The innovative stacking design of the staxi® chair means that there is little need to fold the chair down.

The staxi® chair has also been designed so that it can only be moved when an attendant is pushing the handle, which makes it a useless chair for many people out of a hospital or institutional environment, which again deters thieves.

For those hospitals that have staxi® chairs, the practicality, convenience and safety that the Staxi chair can offer makes it a revolutionary and essential aspect to any medical ward or environment.

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