Nestable, Stackable Hospital Chairs

The staxi® chair is unique in its design because it can easily be stacked with other staxi® chairs in an institutional environment, such as hospitals, shopping centres or airports.

In these environments, space is often at a premium and health and safety legislation also dictates that chairs cannot simply be left in corridors. Stacking the chairs means that you can easily move them out of the way when not required. It also means that you can purchase more chairs as they take up very little space.

In fact, the staxi® chair takes up 70% less space than the standard wheelchair when stacked.

Having this stackable system promotes the safe return of the staxi® chair and makes the chairs more readily available when required. The patented stacking system even allows the chairs to be stacked with accessories.

Because the staxi® chair is non-folding and designed to be stacked, the chair is far less likely to be tampered with or susceptible to theft. The chair cannot be folded and put into the boot of a vehicle, for example.

The staxi® medical chair also has no removable parts, so when they are required the attendant can simply take the chair out of the nest and use it straightaway.

Essentially, having stackable hospital wheelchairs is practical, convenient and safe for use in hospitals and other institutional environments.

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