Heavy Duty Medical Transport Chairs

The staxi® chair is renowned for its strong and durable design, which is why the wheelchair alternative has become so popular in hospitals, shopping centres and airports across the world.

The heavy duty nature of the transport chair means that the patient can feel secure and comfortable whilst the chair is in motion.

The chair is also non-folding, which means that it is less likely to break down or need repairs. The maintenance free chair allows medical professionals to easily transport patients around a hospital or people with impaired mobility across airports or shopping centres.

The staxi® chair is able to hold weights of 225 kg, which is far more than the standard wheelchair. The heavy duty transport chair can nest easily with other staxi® chairs, which saves space and enhances convenience.

With the strong design of the staxi® chair, thieves are far less likely to be able to steal any of these transport chairs. It is common in any public environment for wheelchairs to quickly become stolen but the staxi® chair has a unique design that means these are deterred from snatching it. This is illustrated by its unique non-folding frame, non-removable components and failsafe break. The traceable serial number on the chair means that it is also easy to retrieve and its attendant propelled design demands somebody to push the chair which renders it useless in most everyday settings.

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