"Yes, absolutely! We ADORE our staxi?? chairs! I knew once we got some here they???d be the hit of the hospital. we use them in admitting, emergency and on the floors. Still have some old-style, stealme chairs, but the staxi?? chairs have wow-ed us since day one!"

Jacque Fowler, A large East Texas Healthcare System

"Unbeatable ROI. Sunnybrook and Women???s College Health Sciences Centre has used staxi?? chairs since 1994. We have 200 chairs, and some are originals. To maintain the chairs, we invested less than $500 in them since they were purchased. It is a great service for patients and visitors and we recommend health care facilities have the same service available for their customers."

Solomon Ayeneababa, Manager, Parking and Transportation Services,

"The staxi?? wheelchair has been a super addition to the Atlanta [Delta] operation. It is very safe and reliable . . . STAXI?? has been awesome to work with and... has bent over backwards to make us happy. Give them call."

SuEllen Romero, Coordinator - Outside Services - Delta Airlines - Atlanta Operation

"My husband is currently undergoing radiation treatment and had just been discharged from the hospital the day before his treatment began. We needed a wheelchair to get from the car to the office and we were so pleased to see the staxi?? stand in the parking garage. It is unbelievably easy to use and maneuver. Thank you for such a great product. It has made our appointments less stressful."

Mrs. Roman, Patient at Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles CA - Sunset

"...we lose approximately 80 wheel chairs a year due to theft. The nice thing about these chairs, he explains, is that they???re virtually theft-proof for a number of reasons..."

Richard Rodriguez, Patient Ambassador, Exempla Saint Joseph Hospital (ESJH)

"...we determined that using staxi?? chairs in place of wheelchairs could save the facility over $107,000 annually..."

Lt. Col Alexander Gardner III, Chief Logistics, Eisenhower Army Medical Center, Fort Gordon, GA,

"I have had staxi?? chairs in my facility at UNC Hospitals for 2 years. We have received great feedback from nursing and from our ergonomic departments. We also have decreased our equipment lost dramatically. We currently have a 50/50 breakdown. The chairs are functional, efficient and aesthetically pleasing when stored in our front lobby."

Melvin Dockery, Service Response Center, UNC Hospital

"I can testify to how wonderful these chairs are. Our Auxiliary purchased 6 as an experiment for our Admitting Department. We were skeptical at first, however we learned to LOVE them. We plan to order more."

Vesta Smith, Mgr., Volunteer Services, Legacy Emanuel Hospital & Health System

*Adapted to protect patient???s identity. Dear Sir: I want to let you know how much my family appreciates the staxi?? chairs you provide. My sister Mary was a patient and our 80-year-old mother, who visited her everyday, has a problem walking. Each morning, I???d get a staxi?? chair for her at the ER entrance and then park the car. I???d push her from the ER to Mary???s room and to and from the cafeteria and back to the ER door each night. Without staxi?? chairs I don???t know how we would have managed. Please accept our thanks for helping us handle this problem.

Visitor, Central Baptist Hospital, Lexington, KY.

"We love our staxi?? chairs. Actually, when staff can choose between a staxi?? chair or another type of wheelchair, they choose staxi?? chairs every time. Staff and volunteers continue to comment on the sturdy construction; patients are delighted with its comfort and adaptability for all body types/sizes. At one point, we were discussing a wheelchair management program when one of our nurses said: ???well I???m not interested unless we can keep our stackable staxi?? chairs."

Betty Greer, Director of Volunteer Services, Rex Healthcare

???Wheelchairs go missing, but staxi?? chairs stay on-site. They are ready and available for visitors and patients...staxi?? chairs are sturdy and last for years - We???ve had 45 chairs for more than four years and there are only three missing in action. (Probably tucked away somewhere in this facility). We love our chairs and we will order more.???

Shirley Holdber, Dir. of Patient Relations, Piedmont Hospital

"Not only will these chairs help us reduce the monetary loss associated with theft...these chairs are an important investment in enhancing the care we provide. We want to make sure our patients and visitors can get around our hospitals with as little difficulty as possible. Many of them don???t need wheelchairs but do need some assistance moving around within the hospital. The staxi?? chairs are a great [wheelchair] alternative."

Paul Faguy, VP of HR & Hospital Services, Hamilton Health Sciences Centre (Insider, January 2002)

"We love them...we really like that they don???t fold up and that patients can???t push themselves either. It???s like cars, they steal the easy ones first."

Janice Saunders, Registered Nurse, St. Paul???s Hospital

???I want to take this opportunity to say that...everyone I spoke to within your organization has been very professional and helpful. That is refreshing these days. I will definitely recommend your company to my colleagues.???

Candy Parsons, Volunteer Services Coordinator, Kino Community Hospital

"We like them because people can???t take them away from the hospital and put them in their cars... and they???re easy maintenance. On the old wheelchairs, people were taking the legs and the footrests off - that was a problem."

Linda Black, Volunteer, Scotland Memorial Hospital

"I believe in the chair as an alternative to the wheelchair. It certainly helps manage the issues we have with theft."

Dan Greene, Senior Buyer/Contract Administrator, St. Joseph???s Health Centre

"staxi?? chairs provide mobility-challenged people and their caregivers with a simple and safe way to move around large facilities. And, it does so without the usual administrative headaches. As the original innovators of staxi?? chairs, we???ve seen it evolve from a prototype to a mature system. It is as practical for people to use and as it is for facilities to offer. Our facility has 120 staxi?? chairs and 11 staxi?? locations that provide temporary transportation to people with a range of mobility issues. They are available 24/7 at every entrance...They make the hospital friendlier and easier for people to access."

Dr. Geoff Fernie, PhD Peng, Professor and Dir. Centre for Studies in Aging, Sunnybrook & Women???s College Health Sciences Centre

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