Wow-CareTM 'Quick Start' Guide

Hi, I’m Helen Ford and with the help of my trusted companion Wowza, we lead the dedicated Wow-CareTM team and are here to assist and help in any way we can. I have put together this ‘Quick Start’ Guide to get your new staxiCopy right up and rolling quickly and easily.

To ensure optimum performance from your staxiCopy right chair, it is important that you watch the Pre-Use Inspection Check and Monthly Maintenance videos below, BEFORE putting your staxiCopy right into use.

Enjoy your staxiCopy right

Helen Ford (and Wowza)

Wow-CareTM Team

Medical Quick Start Image
Put a into your day!

staxiCopy Right Max Chair Checklist

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From Elevating Leg Rests to IV Pole Holders.


Safest to UseSafest to Use

Innovative side entry for safe patient transfer


Comfort CushionComfort Cushion

New Comfort Cushion designed for optimum comfort for occupants



Owners manuals, service manuals, training videos.


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