The staxi® Medical Transport Chair

The staxi® transport chair is a revolutionary, patented and leading wheelchair alternative that has been designed specifically with the patient in mind in a hospital or airport environment. Everything about this chair has been carefully thought through, from its durable construction to its maintenance free long life and its environmentally friendly, compact design.

The staxi® chair was designed to transport patients in an easy and safe manner. The smart design of the staxi® chair means that it is durable, weather resistant and heavy duty. The staxi® medical transport chair has so many features which make it a favourite for both patients and medical professionals alike:
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Revolutionary Design

This fully patented staxi® chair has a design that is built to last. The staxi® chair is made up of a strong and durable design that can hold 225 kg of weight. The chair also has no removable parts, so it is virtually maintenance free. The comfort of the patient is also a priority, and the chair does not fail to disappoint with its contoured seat that offers maximum and secure comfort.

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The staxi® chair has an automatic braking system which means that the chair will come to an automatic and safe stop whenever the attendant lets go of the handle. The fail safe brake automatically locks and the built in ?anti-tip? feature means that the patient is always safe when in the chair. To enter the chair, the armrest can be raised upwards which allows the patients to enter from the side. There is also a seatbelt option for the chair which enhances the safety of the patient.

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When stacked, the staxi® chair uses 70% less floor space than traditional wheelchairs, which makes it much easier to take advantage of tight spaces. Allowing the chairs to be stacked together means that you can have around 12 staxi® chairs nested at a large shelter, or 6 in a standard shelter. Easier to locate, easier to return, and space saving, these chairs make storage a breeze.

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If you're worried about theft in your hospital, shopping or airport environment (which traditional wheelchairs are often suspect to) the staxi® chair has incorporated many theft resistant features into the design. This includes a traceable serial number, a unique non-folding frame meaning that thieves will find it more difficult to easily walk away with the chair, and an attendant propelled design which means that the chair requires an attendant in order for it to move.

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There are various colours in the staxi® transport chair range including blue, red, silver and diamond black. You can also purchase a booster seat for the staxi® chair - ideal for smaller children. An optional coin return mechanism can promote the safe return of the chair after use, and institutions can even personalise chairs as there is space to incorporate a name on the chair design itself. Find out more about the features of the staxi® Medical Transport Chair.

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