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I'm Andy Hart, founder, of the STAXI® Corporation Ltd. I founded the STAXI® Corporation Ltd. out of a personal tragedy. When my young son, Julian, was disabled after an auto accident, I soon discovered the shortcomings of conventional wheelchair designs.
I couldn't help but ask: Why do I have to hunch over to push a wheelchair? Why is a wheelchair's seat so low? Why can't I slide Julian from his wheelchair to another chair without lifting him up? Why do I have to a remember to apply the brake - isn't safety a priority? Why is it so hard to push?
As a qualified engineer myself, I was frustrated that the products available did not meet the demands required for functionality and optimum quality of life. In 1985, in conjunction with the Centre for Studies in Aging, Sunnybrook & Women's College Health Sciences (Toronto), we developed and patented a revolutionary, clinically developed, transport chair design. We incorporated elements of design that were ergonomically correct, such as no-lift side patient transfer, single handlebar for proper posture, one-hand operation and automatic brake on the handlebar.
STAXI® is a now established globally as the leading wheelchair alternative and is the best selling nestable transport chair worldwide. STAXI® is built specifically for large, busy facilities such as hospitals and airports, providing temporary transportation, safely and comfortably, for people who are distance-challenged.
I am proud of what STAXI® and our team has achieved so far and we take great satisfaction from the incredibly positive feedback we continue to receive from our customers.
Andy Hart, Founder of STAXI® Corporation Ltd.


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